Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Running

 The mileage has dropped off a fair bit with the combination of recovery from Creemore and Christmas preparation.  I always seem to have a few small nagging injuries in the weeks after a long race and of coarse this one was no exception.Shin splints in the right leg were fairly intense for the first week but generous use of KT Tape took care of that.The only other annoyance is a slight tweak in the right knee but it seems to be getting better, ran a great 10k with Mike in Paris last night and did some hill work for 20k in Ancaster today so I think by January I should be ready to log some high mileage strength building weeks.
   I love these few weeks a year were there is no plan,sneaking away from all the craziness of the malls and people to run trails is super rewarding.Today I met 2 people in 20k and the trails were perfect ,a little wet but it was just cold enough to get amazing traction on the uphills.A couple times it tried to snow but looking at the long term we still have a few weeks before we get any real accumulation to make things a little more interesting.

 Merry Christmas and happy trails in the new year.

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