Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recovered and Training Again

   It feels good to be  running stronger again, the first two weeks after Sulphur I had a very clear feeling of how much harder I had pushed myself than in previous races. That clear feeling was felt most obviously in my quads which remained very sore for at least a full week,and on 20-30k runs in the second week they started to become weak after the first 10k. Sometime in the third week things felt a little more normal and I really enjoyed a couple trips around the "waterfall loop" a 40k circuit that tests the body over a real variety of trails,while raising your spirits with some spectacular views.
I think its trails like this that makes ultra running so attractive to me,the ability to cover a lot of ground and see so many different things up close and in a way that many people miss the opportunity to enjoy.
   June 25th brings the 8th  anniversary of my wedding and I am truly blessed to have a wife who understands the demands of trying to race these distances and supports me in my training and racing.Sometimes the demands are high and even spectating at a race that lasts over 24 hours makes for an extremely long day.I know that when I over train I get a little miserable but that doesn't hold a candle to the panic I express if someone so much as sneezes during the final week of my taper,but she supports me through it all.Her own racing continues to improve ,running a personal best this year in the 50k at Sulphur, I was so proud of her it was a great accomplishment!
  Hopefully I can get a few more groups out for a training run in the months to come,we had a great group out two weeks ago and I'm looking forward to following the Ontario group as they run Badwater 135 in a few weeks. Enjoy the trails and the feeling of accomplishment that a tough summer run brings.

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