Monday, December 7, 2015

Looking Ahead

   It's been a great summer, relaxing and not training for anything has brought about a renewed love for running. I've spent some quality time riding my bike this summer and decided next year for a twist I'd try a triathlon. The early plan is to stick to some shorter trail races for training(can't leave the trails behind completely)  and get in plenty of biking and swimming.
       I'll try to update as the months go by and see how it goes. So far longest ride on the bike has been a 125km  adventure with friends, it was supposed to be 100 but the "ish" grows with each change in sport. The longest swim 1.5km which is way harder than I remember it being.
    Excited to see where this all goes and interested in seeing how it evolves into the next adventure. See everybody on the trails, or road ,or lake.


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