Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joys of a Cold

  I knew it was coming last week already,I was having a great week training and running very comfortably,my poor wife on the other hand was suffering miserably. The joys of a winter cold had their grip on her and she hardly ever gets sick, and this time she really had it, stuffy nose, hacking cough the works. I was eating oranges by the dozen chewing vitamin C tablets like candy and taking cold FX ,but Sunday morning I woke up a little sneezy and by Sunday night I was the 200 pound baby in the cold medecine commercial.
  Monday I had planned to run a 20k morning tempo and speed work at night in Paris but switched it out for a 30k trail run at a very easy pace. The cold air cleared my nose and although a little more tired than usual it felt OK.Today I woke up with one plan, sit on the couch and be a giant sick baby.The plan was going well,had my first coffee brought home by my loving wife after her night shift, watched a little news and generally felt sorry for myself.
 It was at this point I recieved my inspiration to get off the couch, my friend and fellow runner Krista DuChene posted a great entry on her blog entitled perseverance (see it at kristaduchenerunning.blogspot.ca) if it doesn't help you get out the door I don't know what would. I read the entry, layered up in my running gear and headed out the door. There were a few little trails I had wanted to explore around Dundas Valley and I figured a nice slow easy run wouldn't hurt. Ended up having a great time the weather was good and I feel better for having been out.

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