Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow storm running

 We finally got a good storm in southern Ontario! This one really delivered,Friday I ran about 20k in the morning and had a really good workout the snow in the eyes got a little annoying while facing the wind but overall it was a great day.
I didn't see another person out there which surprised me a little,I figured the cross country skiers would be racing to be the first ones out.Ran past this small doe and she just stared at me,I guess she didn't want to leave her sheltered area in the pines
 Saturday morning I met with my friend Mike at the trail head for a repeat of the same and we had one of the toughest runs I've ever done.The first 10k was manageable,slow going but we kept up a steady pace and managed to find some footing in the loose powdery snow.We ran a short 4k road section to loosen the legs back up before tackling what I figured would be the easier half of our loop. My wife had went out early in the morning on snowshoes with a friend so I was sure we wouldn't need to break trail through this section.Unfortunately after she went through a few cross country skiers did and the trail they left was like walking a tight rope in ball bearing shoes.
 Overall the day was a real character builder and I know when the tough times come in the race this spring I can look at it as "at least there's no snow on it".

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  1. Welcome to my winter reality Dale. When I hear the snow plow go by I consider it to be my own personal trail groomer! When I do venture off on the trails its a mega workout. Have fun out there , it will soon be spring!